About WBTW

Kami and Samy

World By The Wall is a comic strip about innocence, friendship, childhood, growing up, and all the trials and tribulations in between. Kami and Samy are friends who also happen to be neighbours, they meet routinely by the wall that separates their homes, and muse about their lives and all that goes along.

The idea for WBTW is inspired by my own childhood friendship with a neighbour. We had a common wall between our homes and we’d meet there late in the afternoons, usually after school, to chat about the day’s events or whatever else was up with us; standing on our respective sides of the wall.

Of course not everything in this comic strip transpires on a wall, around a wall, or always about a wall – how bored would you get?! 😉 – so though our two protagonists and their stories hover around the wall plenty of times, quite frequently the wall is more an abstract metaphor. An allegory perhaps, to the divisions and chasms that remain between us, no matter how close a bond we make.

Hope this all makes sense some of the time, if not all of the time. Enjoy.

Aamir Muneer
World By The Wall