Kami & Samy


Kami (pronounced KA-me) is 6, restless and curious like a busy bee. Inquisitve about all that surrounds him, Kami is a gentle soul with a soft heart, and a tendency to ride emotional rollercoasters without much invitation. Kami has a trusting and loving nature, and a bubblingly positive outlook on the world around him. A view endlessly at odds with and always under acute scrutiny of his friend and neighbour, Samy.


Samy is 6 going on 60. Not quite the sage old owl, more rather a cynical one. An introspective and philosophical mind, Samy is a pessimist questioning the merits of all he sees around him. He’s the yin to Kami’s yang. The dark side to his friend’s sunny-side-up disposition. Everything around him is like an onion ready to be peeled. Nothing is what it seems, and everything hides a dark core. A testing companion at the best of times, but a loyal and caring friend in the end.